Traction Substations

  • Traction Substations for High Speed lines in 1×25 kV and 2×25 kV.
  • Traction Substations for metropolitan, tramway and conventional lines in DC.
  • Mobile Traction Substations from 750 up to 3.000 V.
  • Special Traction Substations.

Overhead Contact Line

Citracc has developed the engineering and design of catenary systems both for long distance as well as for urban transport/mass transit.

Heating Point

Power system:

  • Heater sized to each type of switch.
  • Incorporation of temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Ability to incorporate thyristors as a feeding element.

Control system:

  • System controlled by own manufacturing PLC.
  • Communication via web server.
  • Remote access with display of events and alarms and parameter settings.
  • Optimization of operating times.
  • Direct and instantaneous monitoring system.

Traction Rectifiers

  • Fixed or removable version.
  • Modular design, adaptable to each facility.
  • Easy access to all parts of the equipment.
  • Pulsation: 6 or 12 pulses (with double bridge series or parallel).
  • Nominal voltages from 600 V DC to 3350 V DC.
  • Integrated protection systems.

DC Protection Devices

  • Flexibility to set the protection according to facility requirements.
  • VPU-DC protection relay for direct current feeder systems.
  • DC current protection functions:
    • Line test (EDL).
    • Line fault detection (DDL).
    • Feeder overcurrent protection.
    • Intertripping between adjacent substations.
    • Rail to earth voltage protection.

DC Feeder Cabins

  • Removable and interchangeable equipment.
  • Metal closed and compartmentalized cabins:
    • Busbar compartment.
    • Circuit breaker truck compartment.
    • Control and protection compartment.
    • Easy handling.
  • Equipment adapted to each customer’s needs:
    • Feeder output ratings.
    • Feeder output with by-pass bar and/or grounding.
    • By-pass cabins.
    • Sectioning cabins.