Citracc has participated in numerous projects of traction substations for both high speed and conventional lines. There are high speed references in 1×25 kV and 2×25 kV and references for conventional lines in 1×25 kV and 3 KV DC.

In metropolitan projects, it has undertaken new projects as well as refurbishments. It can be talked about performances in more than 400 substations.

At an international level, Citracc has participated in different projects for conventional and metropolitan lines.

In direct current, the range of products and solutions enables us to undertake projects from 600 V to 3000 V.

In alternating current, we can include solutions in 600 V AC, as well as in 25.000 V.

Substations for Trolleybus System in Ecuador.

Substations for Trolleybus System in Venezuela.

Catenary and Substations, 1×25 kV, China.

Mobile Substations Adif.

Mobile Substation Renfe.

Mobile Substation Euskotren.